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Hoogstraten - Oostmalle from Friday 4th till Sunday 6th of September 2009.

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Hoogstraten - Oostmalle from Friday 4th till Sunday 6th of September 2009.

Сообщение автор Remi в Пн Мар 16, 2009 10:59 pm

We like to inform all British Napoleonic units of an special event in Belgium next year 2009.
Near the cities of Antwerp and Breda, close to the Belgian-Dutch border, the non-profit
organization Mallifique and the 7
th of Line Belgium organises a bivouac and battle in

Hoogstraten - Oostmalle from Friday 4th till Sunday 6th of
September 2009.
The bivouac, up till 400 re-enactors, will be built in the castle domain De Renesse: in very
beautiful surroundings ! The castle witnessed severe skirmishes between French and Prussian-
Cossacks troops in January 1814 as the Allied forces tried to capture the harbour of Antwerp.
The French Young Guard, commanded by general François Roguet, managed to retreat in
good order to Antwerp. In the towns of Hoogstraten, Bergen op Zoom and all the villages
around heavy fighting was going on. Also British forces, commanded by general Graham,
took part in the actions that were launched by Prussian general von Bülow.

A parade and memorial service for the forgotten battle of Hoogstraten will be organized on
Saturday morning. Transportation between the town of Hoogstraten and Oostmalle is
arranged by busses.

Two battles will be fought on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, not far from the
bivouac. Black powder, straw and wood are distributed. Each re-enactor receives also a 5 euro
contribution for travel expenses.

From Saturday morning also food ingredients will be distributed for ale participants!
The negotiations with the NAN (Napoleonic Association of the Netherlands) were very
positive. Invitations to Belgian, French, British, German and Dutch units will be sent until
May 2009 as we try to inform everyone early ! We hope to establish a equivalent of number
between French and Allied troops.

Any profits will be donated to the
Children’s Cancer Fund of the Academic Hospital of
Gent (Belgium)
. Our slogan: “because they deserve a history too ...”

The community Malle, the province of Antwerp and the region with his world famous
Trappistenbeer Westmalle welcomes you already !

We thank all participants to inform as soon as possible as numbers are limited. If you have
questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kindest Regards,
Ron Van Dyck
Chairman of Mallifique and member of the 7
th of Line
Jan Schuurkes

Chairman of 7the of Line
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